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As part of our high level meeting which ended in December 2016, the consultative forum executives reaffirmed the need to establish the Transform Africa Think Tank Network.  The Think Tank will seek to advance the cause of issues in Africa through analysis and development of fresh policy ideas; regulatory reform; issues facing national and local governments; direct engagement and collaboration with decision makers in government, business, and civil society. Working together will bring the inestimable benefit of multiple national viewpoints to bilateral, regional, and global issues that affect Africa.


Transform Africa Think Tank will be fine-tuned in cooperation with key regional institutions, such as the United Nations, African Union, and ECOWAS. It will benefit all national networks of think tank organisations to promote intercultural dialogue.

Discussions will be taken forward with UN Agencies and the UN Secretary-General Special Envoy on Youth. We will explore modalities of collaboration including the framework of the Global Forum on Youth, Peace and Security, in the context of the UN Decade for the Rapprochement of Cultures and the UNESCO partnership with the UN Alliance of Civilisations. We aim to report to AU and ECOWAS.

Transform Africa Think Tank supports multidisciplinary research on linkages between Think Tank Internet, radicalisation/ de-radicalization, as well as research-informed policies and actions.

We work with local government, creative media campaigns and outreach strategies in targeting policy-makers and influencers as well as the general public (with emphasis on youth audiences).

Core actions will be implemented mainly at the national and local levels, with gender sensitivity mainstreamed throughout all activities.



Throughout our consultative forums, we had opportunity to see fresh ideas from young dynamic, Africans. We believe in engaging as many people as possible, and providing opportunity to individuals to have their voices heard. If you have insight into issues in your community, country or region, Transform Africa Think Tank wants to hear from you. Our UK/Ghana and Kenya editorial team will review, with further analysis and response to occur with policy makers across 18 countries.


– Collaboration & Networking

– Implementing our mission statement and goals, to work with other non-profit organisations, government, donors, companies, and businesses

Diversity: we do not discriminate. We embrace other ethnicities and individuals of other cultures.

Innovation: we will introduce new ideas and new methods

Integrity: we have strong moral principles, which are our greatest tools

Public Accountability: we do what is right, not merely what is expected. We approach each day with the energy and persistence to exceed expectations


Please select one of the issues below and write a maximum 2 page article on how this issue impacts Africa. By submitting your original article, you can be selected to have your work published and speak on our platform. You may be invited to speak on any UN/AU/ECOWAS/ TEDx high level meetings upon publication.

》human rights


》peace and security


》youth employment/labour


》government and African politics


》climate and environment








Supply a short profile including:

– full name

– country

– age

– sex

– occupation

– contact details


Forward the 2 page article and your details to:

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