Peace Project

Transform Ghana Peace Campaign aims to provide educational and career development for the youth and young adults of Ghana. Transform will promote peace and respect amongst citizens throughout all communities.

On December 7th 2016, the West African nation of Ghana will host national presidential elections. We believe that Ghana can represent hope and transparency throughout this process, encouraging neighbouring countries to host honest and peaceful elections in the future.

Transform Ghana is currently targeting young people across the country in an effort to encourage awareness and participation in the elections. We will organise such activities as peace walks and tours; hold a student leaders conference; host an all-female student leader focus group; and present regular radio and talk show segments on peace. The project for 2016 will end on November 14th. The entire Transform Ghana Peace Project will operate until 2040.



The Mission 

To transform Ghana is our mission. Every action we take in the Peace Campaign is to transform our peaceful country to ensure our success. One youth at a time, our strategy is simple: we stand for the possibility of Ghana; we create the space to have all youth of Ghana see for themselves that it is possible to maintain peace in their schools, communities, churches, mosques and in their own lives. By engaging young people across the country, we hope to ensure a prosperous future for all.


  • Become a voice that promotes peace, shared values, rule of law, human rights, social and economic standards and to stop Ambush politics in Ghana
  • Providing Mentors that are relevant to youth career goals and similar interests.


The Peace Campaign promotes peaceful values and attitudes for the survival of the individual and Ghanaian society.  This goal cannot be achieved if stakeholders in character formation of the youth do not live up to expectations.  Adequate attention should be paid to the youth to ensure peace throughout our political elections.


Focus Areas under Transform Ghana Peace Project:


Transform Ghana Peace Project collaborates with local and international CSO’s that enables us to build the most effective tools to fully integrate and operate an early warning system amongst the youth in Ghana and in Liberia.

Our past effort has provided us the opportunity to collaborate with: WEST AFRICA NETWORK FOR PEACEBUILDING, NATIONAL PEACE COUNCIL, THE COMMISSION FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AND ADMINISTRATIVE JUSTICE, KOFI ANNAN INTERNATIONAL PEACEKEEPING AND TRAINING CENTRE, BLOGGING GHANA AND INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS AND DIPLOMACY that coordinated the Election Situation Room targeted across the 10 regions in Ghana to facilitate response to threats to peaceful conduct of elections.

Our focus with this early warning system is how to deal with threat issues among the youth; discussions; and how to fully involve the youth in electoral processes and transformation.



We endeavour to ensure that our mediation tools used in conflict resolution, management, and prevention in Ghana create a space for the youth to deepen their understanding of conflict and youth transformation. We also facilitate meaningful and productive conversations such as Youth Peace Talks to manage, resolve or prevent conflict among the youth.



The Consultative Forum for Peace serves as a key educational platform and a critical way to help prevent violent conflict and discuss policies among the youth. The forum seeks to engage with various experts and stakeholders to discuss key youth policies for growth and transformation. Through dialogue, some key factors that undermine youth involvement in peace-building are identified from various and essential educational resources are provided.



Transform Ghana Peace Project conducts research that seeks to answer critical questions about the correlation between growth, balance and violent conflict, as well as to facilitate a regular mini consultative forum on economics and peace to focus fully on the youth. Paucity, unemployment and economic stress are generally accepted to be fuel for violent conflict among the youth. As we focus on sustainable peace amongst and for the youth, Transform Ghana seeks to look at the effects of economic intervention on stability and how to mitigate violence. We push policymakers to be cognizant to the reality on the ground and ways to strategize to mitigate social and economic conflict.