Peace Quotes

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The following peace quotes have been included in daily Vision1 FM broadcasts where 5 minutes is dedicated to sharing quotes on peace.




What do you think the colour of love might be? Do you think it would be inky black in the evening, or white in the daylight and a yellow colour in the afternoon? The power to achieve peace and unity is in the colour of equality. No matter your tribe, we are from one root, having many branches. The path of national peace will be incomplete if one tribe thinks it is superior to others.

We are one people; one nation seeking one unique goal. Keep Ghana number 1.

2. Peace teaching: How to ensure character formation in the youth

The increase in crime waves and other vices such as armed robbery, cultism, examination malpractice, cheating, and thuggery are an indication of poor character formation.

One of the goals of this Peace Campaign 2016 is the inculcation of the right type of values and attitudes for the survival of the individual and Ghanaian society. This goal can not be achieved if stakeholders in the character formation of youth do not live up to expectations. Social changes demand that adequate attention be paid to youth character formation to enable them to cope with the complexities of modern times.

The home, the school, religious organizations and the government should join hands to ensure that the products of our schools are worthy of both character and learning. The school and the home should promote such values as honesty, fairness, respect for others, respect for life and property, hard work etc., in the students in order to promote peace and harmony in the society towards election 2016.

Youth restiveness hampers the progress and development of any nation. Youths should be encouraged to be of good behaviour and vanguards of peace to avert the negative effects of youth restiveness on the country. No doubt, the society will be better off if youths are bequeathed with the right values.


When elections are manipulated to deny citizens best chioce, an opportunity to create violent interactions between incumbents, opposition parties and citizens can ensue.

In such manner, agencies in charge of ensuring peace should mitigate the potential for violence by ensuring proper procedure in solving such challenge.  In this way, war will be far from Ghana and we will continue to live in peace

4. The need to vote

Elections play a significant role in peace processes since they are widely viewed as the main method of achieving a peaceful resolution to political controversies.

Elections are the means to achieve broader goals. They are powerful tools. However, if goals such as reconciliation and democratization are the real purpose for holding an election, then let all citizens exercise their rights without discriminating, undermining or preventing them from voting.


By understanding the relativeness of all things, we develop Wisdom and this counteracts Longing, Anger, and Confusion and increases Contentment, Patience, and Understanding.

This manifests in our lives as Peace which is the most efficient way to ensure success in 2016.


People of Ghana can first achieve happiness and inner peace through the birth of inner feelings of goodness, purity, softness, delicateness, refinement, and patriotism. This is the result of a nation that has come to a peaceful state. Always remember, it takes two people to create confusion, therefore clear communication is necessary.


Without peace, sustainable development goals, our individual dreams, businesses, and careers, the good intentions of mankind will be in vain. This means that we need to adopt a lifestyle that is based on purpose in order to live a life full of integrity and to create more peaceful atmosphere during elections.


One of the surest ways to live a peaceful life is to come to the understanding that, it takes two people to make a quarrel – one person cannot put up a fight with him/herself. Therefore, always try not to do things that have the possibility of bringing up conflict, confusion and to a larger extent, war that leads to bloodshed.


Take Time

In a democratic environment, we receive the privilege to speak and share our opinions. In spite of this, many use such opportunity to create political ambushes.

We must take time in what we speak because it is the foundation of wisdom

We must take time to think about what to say because it’s the source of power

We must take time in what we joke about because it’s the secret of youth

We must take time to be patriotic because it is the price of success and National development

And above all, we must take time to love and to be loved because it is a privilege to promote peace building.

10.  Believe in it

Believe in your self, believe in Ghana, believe in Africa. Where there is peace we believe that we can make a paradise of this country Ghana and the entire continent.

Every day, let this BELIEF gravitate towards you and one day, people will affirm that paradise can one day be realized – one day soon in Ghana.

11. Wise saying

Let every man that professes Ghana as his or her country take on the Attitude of Kwame Nkrumah, K.A Busia and Dr. Kwame Kyei Baffour, and contribute his quota to making Ghana the peaceful country it has long deserved to be.

12. Be a vessel of Change.

To continue to experience a stable environment that is conducive to democratic practices, ask your self: what can you offer Ghana? Not: What can Ghana offer you?

Ghana is indeed in need of individuals that would underscore some of her great achievements and also turn Ghana into an enviable country so that other African countries can emulate us.


Peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be achieved through mutual understanding between two parties.

Peace comes from being able to contribute the best that we have, and all that we are, toward creating a world that supports everyone and also securing space for the youth to see themselves as today’s leaders.


A  strong and reliable nationhood is a firm and worthy foundation for the building of any nation. Without a doubt, everyone needs to play a decisive role in ensuring a peaceful election. We can have a peaceful election when we struggle and work tirelessly in various capacities to observe announcing of the election from the right source.


War of any sort is as bad as lack of access to health care; as bad as living in an unhealthy and unsanitary environment; as bad as having hazardous and physically demanding jobs; as bad as becoming a refugee; and as bad as being exposed to disease or experiencing chronic stress.

As citizens of Ghana, we cannot wait to experience these before taking action. Therefore “Even if things don’t unfold the way you expected, don’t be disheartened and act in a dimension that may create war. One who continues to advance will win in the end.”

Fight against war and its conspirators.  Keep Ghana number 1.


What do you think the colour of love might be like. Do you think it would be inky -black in the evening,  or white in the daylight and yellow colour in the afternoon.

The power to achieve peace and unity is in the colour of equality. No matter your tribe, we are one root, having many branches.

The path of nation  peace will be incomplete if one tribe thinks its superior than others.

We are one people,  one nation seeking one unique goal. Keep Ghana number 1.


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