Discussions & Presentations

Transform Ghana Peace Campaign Discussions & Presentations will comprise of four main events. These discussions and presentations will give opportunity to a variety of people to engage in meaningful discussions about peace and the 2016 elections.

1. National Youth Peace Forum
This will involve National Youth Organizers of all political parties elected by the electoral commission of Ghana that are registered and recognized for 2016 general elections.

The focus of this forum is to ensure good character formation among youth party followers, and also investigate how various political parties’ youth organizers can help ensure peace and harmony during and after election 2016.

This event will be open to the general public. (At Unity Group of Companies opposite St . John’s Grammar School, Accra)

2. Living Legend. Public lecture by Dr. K.B. Asante and lawyer S.K. Boafo
Both of these prominent men have served Ghana in truth and humility.  Therefore, since they are state men, we want to know their ideologies and perceptions concerning the 2016 general  elections.
Both men will deliver a public lecture on the topic “Ghana: The eyes of African democracy”

3. Security Awareness Summit
Dr. Kwesi Birnney, a security expert, will host a live telecast presentation on how Ghana can be vigilant and conscious on matters of security as far as 2016 is concerned.
This program will be fine tuned to collaborate with National Security of Ghana to make this program a successful one.
We will invite business owners and managers of shops, malls, hotels, hospitals, schools; head pastors; security agencies; market women and others.

4. Women’s Empowerment Debate & Forum
Who suffers the most during war?

There’s going to be a national debate. This will be an opportunity to also invite other countries that  have experienced war and conflict to share more of their experiences with Ghana.